Digital Image Transmissions: The Flickr Project Apollo Archive

Samantha Bellinger, Virginia DeWitt, & Shevaun Ruby

This paper investigates obstacles confronted when describing and analyzing digital images using the principles of bibliography. By examining sample images from space enthusiast Kipp Teague’s amateur Flickr archive (Project Apollo Archive) on the Apollo NASA missions, we were able to investigate potential methods for creating a standardized description. Using specific sample images we considered the impact of their descent via the layers of information accrued physically and digitally and how this impacts an image’s authenticity. Our research methodology addresses the lack of standardization for analyzing digital image files when compared with traditional bibliographic principles by using principles based in media studies to establish key aspects of the evaluation of the digital image. Our findings demonstrate the varied information inherent in digital images, especially when they coexist in material and non-material forms. The necessity for the digital files to be analyzed in such a way that accounts for the artifact’s existence at various stages is paramount, and useful for the field of digital preservation/curation which looks at artifacts that cross medium boundaries.